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    Magnetic Ball Puzzle Educational Toy


    It’ s extremely important to choose useful, age-appropriate toys for your children to encourage intellectual stimulation and physical growth. When kids are playing, they are doing what they want to do with their bodies and so automatically, they are practicing their motor skills

  • Magnetic Building Block Toy


    Magnetic blocks can be combined freely to exercise your baby’s hands-on ability and creativity

    ● Made of
    natural high quality wood, environmentally friendly and durable

    ● Environmental protection
    water paint, more safe for baby

    ● Suitable age: 12 months +

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    Magnetic Rattlesnake Eggs Toy


    A great stress reliever for adults and a brain toy for children

    Beautifully finished, highly polished magnetic hematite ovoids

    Collide together can make a buzzing sound

    Ideal toy for developing children’ brain, very helpful for early education.

    Play it on the hand, can exercise the flexibility

  • Magnetic sticks and Ball Magnets Puzzle Toy


    36PCS Silver Magnetic sticks and 27PCS Steel Ball Magnets Puzzle Toy Gift

    1. This creative DIY magnetic building blocks toy is easy to use. It can be played in different ways.

    2. It includes 36pcs magnetic sticks and 27pcs magnetic beads which can be built into different shapes. Also, more parts can be added to build a more complex shape.

    3. It is packed in tin box which is convenient to carry.

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    Magnetic Travel Chess Set


    With foldable magnetic board, easy to carry

    – Light weight and easy to store, great for travel or party games

    – Suitable for home, company, school, journey. All ages are available

  • nextx B661 Color Magnetic Drawing Board with Colorful Screen for Boys and Girls

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    Super Strong Magnets Rare Earth

    $12.00 $4.98

    100Pcs 3 x 1.0mm Super Strong Magnets Rare Earth Magnet Set DIY Wide Use Magnetic Gadgets